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    What Chemicals In Your Home Can Put You In Danger.

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    Identify three common chemicals found in the home and discuss their potential for toxicological poisoning. Include what treatment, if any, is appropriate in these poisoning cases.

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    We are told that most accidents occur in the home. An article appearing in ROSPA a charitable organization in the United Kingdom has stated accidental injuries "are the most common cause of death in children over one year of age." The same article also states that "most poisoning accidents involve medicines, household products and cosmetics" (Accidents to children, nd). Even though this is an organization within the United Kingdom, I am sure that the statistics within any first world country would be similar.

    When we look around our own home, we will see most likely a variety of cleaning products and over the counter medications that could, if used incorrectly, result in poisoning. When determining causes for toxicology poisoning, one can find common causes right in one's own household cleaning products such as carpet cleaning products, air freshener's products and something certainly found in every home, laundry detergent. Let us take a look at each one of these individually.

    Carpet Cleaners:
    Carpet and ...

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    This response will identify 3 common chemicals found in your home that have the potential for toxicological poisoning and appropriate treatments.