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    Teaching Career, Comments from colleagues, Students, Parents

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    Fast forward to your final day of teaching. Your retirement party includes former colleagues, students, and parents. What is your legacy? Describe this in terms of what is said about you from your friends in each of these groups.

    What are some of the trends that seem likely to affect curriculum and instruction in the future?

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    The reason so many attend the event and follow up with cards and letters, whether they are able to attend or not, is due to the passion and long term commitment extended for so many years. The ability to be both a role model and mentor, as well as dynamic educator was compelling to so many people, young and old.

    It wasn't just about showing up and doing what was expected but rather going beyond the standard protocol. and finding a way around things that were not working and becoming a lightning rod for change, when it was necessary and sticking to the cause, and finding a coalition to help make things better, when clearly things were not on the right course.

    While teaching takes a lot of time, energy, innovation and money to stay up with the requirements, it isn't always an obsession and suffocated marriage but rather a means to an end. The ability to have a healthy personal life, along side doing just a bit more than showing up, doing the job and going home, sets the legacy in play as much as all that is done, like with the day to day finite details.

    Some are meant to teach and some choose to teach for other reasons. Those that make it past five years and choose to teach for the pure love of children and either content or the act of motivating young lives to grow and go beyond simply mastery are what make this person at the head of the party noteworthy.

    People don't forget. Being fair, not giving ...

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    Time invested, passion for teaching and other attributes that make teachers great are discussed.