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Of all of the professions (an occupation or career) in the world, which one is not as respected as it should be? What have you observed or experienced that makes you feel this way? How would you change things?

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Although we are unable to "write" essays for students, I am able to offer you some notes for the planning and drafting stage of your assignment. Please see my ideas below:

I chose this question to serve as a model for you: Explain why a profession does not receive the respect it deserves.

As you create your tasks, please allow some of these ideas to guide your writing:

1. Planning materials?journal entries, free writing?Please refer to my sample below to guide you with your own journal/freewrite:

There is a popular yet degrading statement about the profession of teaching, "Those who can, can; those who can't, teach." This quote is unfair and disrespectful because it insults and degrades the profession of teaching. Not only is teaching one of the most important professions, it is ironically one of the lowest paid professions. It is unfair that parents and members of society entrust the safety and future education daily with teachers but pay them less than they deserve and then make comments to slander their reputations.

Teachers are true professionals. Like police officers, doctors, and lawyers, they mold the future lives of children and ...

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