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Teacher problems with standards

This scenario is assessed:

It is the third month of the new school year and you have just finished a week-long unit of study that covered key grade-level standards for your students. Prior to teaching the unit, you invested significant time and effort into preparing lessons, activities, and supporting materials. However, over 50% of your students failed the end-of-unit test you administered at the end of the week. To keep up with the pacing calendar, you are expected to move on to a new topic the following week.

Describe what next steps you would take to address this situation.

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As you describe what next steps you would take to address this situation and still move with your pacing guide, I'd recommend taking each weak/failed standard and place it as bell work or starter work each day on your white board, overhead, ...

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Problems with standards are brainstormed using a case study method. This solution also suggests various strategies to align with the pacing guide.