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Supporting parents and child self-autonomy

Autonomy explores the toddler behaviors that indicate the push toward becoming a separate, independent individual behaviors such as rebellion and negativity, exploration, self-help skills, and a sense of possession.

How can you support a parent when their child exhibits these autonomy-developing behaviors within the home? Explain how you will deal with issues of power and control in the classroom.

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Students (in the classroom) or children (from a parent's perspective) need to be able to explore within boundaries that have been set by adults, which keep them safe yet challenged. The adult should always be thinking ahead and know what is in the environment. Age-appropriate items, and hands-on activities should be available to investigate. Children at this age are self-absorbed and naturally will not be inclined to share nor will they respect items that other children might have.

Children should be left to gain ...

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Helping educators and parents with concepts of boundaries, safety issues and activities for toddler autonomy are discussed.