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    Muscular-Anal stage of of Psychosocial Development

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    Please describe the Muscular-Anal stage of Erik Erikson's theory of Psychosocial Development

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    Stage 2: Muscular-Anal
    Age:Toddler period -- 1 to 2 years
    Conflict: Autonomy vs. Doubt
    Important Event: Toilet Training

    According to Erikson, self control and self confidence begin to develop at this stage. Children can do more on their own. Toilet training is the most important event at this stage. They also begin to feed and dress themselves.This is how the ...

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    This solution describes the Muscular-Anal stage of Erik Erikson's theory of Psychosocial development. It provides a stage description, examples and elements for both a positive and negative outcome for this stage of psychosocial development.