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Planning in very young children

Planning is a process needed to problem solve. Please explain how young children use this process to problem solve and provide 1 or 2 specific examples.

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Problem solving is the process of arriving at a solution to a difficulty. This can be an happy accident, or it can be thought out in advance and planned for - which is the better course of action!

One way that young children problem-solve is through the process of trial and error - which is the "happy accident" sort of solving a problem. It involves trying ideas until one works. Planning for this method sometimes involves obtaining or using supplies, tools or materials required in order to try out a possible solution, and obtaining or using other supplies, materials or tools if the first attempt is not successful.

For instance - a ball lands on the roof, and must be retrieved before the game can continue. Children might first try a long implement, to see if it can reach the ball and knock it from the roof. Obtaining this implement, and what sort of implement it might take to reach the ball is part of the planning process. A stick from the yard might do it, if it is long and sturdy enough. If it is not, perhaps a rake from Dad's garage might do the ...

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The solution provides a discussion of examples of problem solving and planning in very young children, with definition of planning.