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Home-School relationships and bilingualism

Why is it important to cultivate home-school partnerships?

What are sources in your own community that you may utilize in your classroom to assist English language learners?

Discuss the impact of bilingualism and home language use in the classroom.

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Why is it important to cultivate home-school partnerships?
Teachers in the classroom influence their students for perhaps one, or maybe even six hours per day, out of the twenty-four that are available. Parents influence the remainder of the child's time, plus the years before your class, and the years that will come after. Parents are a tremendous resource for the classroom teacher, both in the child's motivation to learn, their completion of homework assignments (and assignments not finished in class) that are so important to reinforce learning that occurs in class during class time, and for strategies to address any problem areas that may crop up in class that the teacher might not have thought of. Your greatest champion and cheerleader will be the child's parents, IF you make the first steps and the first contacts with the parents positive ones. Send home a note, and find SOMETHING to praise about each child, early in the year, to encourage a positive relationship with parents. Let them know that you value their input and advice concerning their child and their child's progress in your class. Then, after you have made that first positive contact, if there is a problem, approach it as a what can we do together to solve this issue so that the student can be successful? Acknowledge the child's strengths, and praise where you can, even if you are ...

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Discussion of the benefits of positive home-school partnerships, community services and the advantages of bilingualism in the classroom.