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Language and Immigration

Need help with the following please:

Can English be maintained as the primary language in the U.S. or will portions of the U.S. have to become bilingual?

Should this use of language and other non-Anglo traits be suppressed? If so, how, while still supporting the rights of individuals?

Should Americans have to change their views about bilingualism? Keep in mind that the legal status of this immigrant group is irrelevant in this specific context at this point. Rather, consider this as an assimilation or pluralism issue.

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English can be maintained as the primary language in the U.S., though there are some regions in which a higher proportion of bilingual residents reside. This is not necessarily a sign that other languages will become more dominant. It is a matter of being able to conduct business in an effective manner and being able to provide products or services effectively to target populations within those regions. ...

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A short discussion on the use of language (English) in assimilation of immigrants.