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Globalization as an American thing

How and when do cultural items become "glocal?" Examples include at least one U.S.-based fast food chain, a film or television show, and a musical example.

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I don't think globalization is essentially Americanization, although as Americans, we do tend to notice American exports when visiting other countries. I do not so much notice Chinese exports, although now having lived overseas for nearly a year, I can vouch for the fact that there are Chinese exports, and exports from various other nations, as well. As an American, the American exports are the first ones I spot.

A fast food American chain (most other nations don't HAVE fast-food chains, just privately owned restaurants) that would be the undisputed globalization winner would have to be Micky D's = McDonald's. Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut are probably second and third, although Burger King has some presence overseas, too. I'm not sure why Taco Bell is not represented, since KFC and Pizza Hut are in cahoots with them, but Taco Bell is a rarity ...

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Discussion of globalization as an American influence, with examples of prominent American global exports, in restaurants, television and movies, for example.