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Fingerprinting an Invasion of Privacy?

Establish which point of view to defend (for/ against) in an in-class debate on the value of fingerprinting and background checks versus invasion of privacy. Identify arguments to support your point of view.

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Some will say that IS NO debate because there are a few that knowingly apply for jobs in schools, having a criminal background and this puts children at risk. But the issue and problem has become way out of control for the majority of teachers and school workers and is an expensive enterprise.

When I first started substitute teaching in 1994 was when fingerprinting first started. I eventually got on 14 sub lists and later yet starting teaching in failing schools as a new teacher, where I didn't stay long at any of these places. Then taking into account Arizona, where I have a teaching certificate, might be the most elaborate of all the states I have a teaching certificate, they require me to do all the criminal background details every five years. Imagine how many times I have had to go through all the paperwork, expense and fingerprinting.

Every time a person leaves the state and ...

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In approximately 650 words, this solution considers whether or not fingerprinting is an invasion of privacy. Different arguments, as well as personal experience, are used to support this point of view.