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How the use of open records improves government

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What are open meetings and open records laws? How do these laws effectuate better government?

How does the Ollman test differ from the Milkovich test as a means of distinguishing fact from opinion?

What are the circumstances in which written consent may not suffice as a defense in an appropriation case?

What elements of proof are required to establish a claim of false light invasion of privacy? Why have some states refused to adopt the false light invasion of privacy tort?

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This solution posits the effectiveness of open records on government competency while also delving into written consent and elements of proof for false light invasion of privacy.

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What are open meetings and open records laws? How do these laws effectuate better government?

Open record laws necessitate that the public has access to the transcripts and records of public decisions and meetings. Therefore, constituents have the autonomy to understand how their elected officials reached decisions, which way they voted on issues. Open meetings actually allow the public to be present at their elected officials meetings and dictates that these meetings must be announced before hand giving all who wish to attend an opportunity to attend. In addition the meetings give a forum for public concerns regarding whatever issue is being considered or debated by their elected officials.

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