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Ethics of using previous work for a new essay or writing

Do you feel pulling information from previous personal writings is a means of limiting you as an individual and/or student. As you are not writing material from freshly researched material that provides you the ability to gain new insight/knowledge on the subject matter? Or do you feel it is a way to showcase the knowledge you have gained and put it in a new perspective. Allow the individual to build upon their previously learned material with fresh new ideas and research? Allow you the opportunity to begin mastering the information through previous teachings and provide the means to transition it to ever-changing business world.

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This practice can be quite useful and potentially quite dangerous. Before using any previous material that you have written in previous assignments, make sure that you are not violating any of your school's plagiarism policies. Some schools may not allow you to use previous work even if it is your own and especially if you submit an entire essay word for word.

That being said, I do not think that use of previous work limits you as an individual or student in any way. In fact, if you discover a topic that you are really passionate about, you SHOULD continue to build on it throughout your entire school career. Should you ...

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This solution examines the ethics of pulling information from previous personal writings to use in a new or more current writing or essay.