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    Dramatic Play and Stimulating Child-to-Child Conversations

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    1. How can play stimulate child to child conversations.

    2. What is the teacher's role in dramatic play.

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    1. How can play stimulate child to child conversations?

    Remember that a child learns conversation best in the context of safe, reliable, long-term, stable relationships and environments. Interact with your child. Make conversation a priority. Make books and reading a priority as well. Read to your child when they are young, consider a family reading time when your children are older. Let your child's life be filled with music...singing, child-appropriate instruments, children's music on the stereo, musical games. Provide your child with creative, stimulating toys and experiences. Build the needed limits into your environment so that your child can play and explore without constantly being told "no". This obviously will look different in different stages. Play with your child. Play is your child's developmental workshop.

    Children can develop a sense of wonder about the miracles that take place in our world. Children are fascinated by the changing nature of growing and living things-if the adults in their lives encourage them to look, touch and listen. While outdoor play may seem simply like a way to let off steam, it really is a route to learning about their world and about life. A child at play is exploring, testing theories about the world around him. Play is one of the most powerful tools children have for testing boundaries and mastering new skills and concepts. Offer your children as many opportunities as you can to explore their world.

    Go for a walk down the street,in a city park,through a nature center, or even in your own back yard. You don't need a lot of time or a beautiful spot. The entire world is new to ...

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    This solution discusses how play can stimulate child-to-child conversations, and what the teacher's role in dramatic play is.