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Vygotsky's Theory of Social Development

Describe how a the social development learning theory impacts curriculum design. Include the following in the discussion: a discussion of the learning theory, a description of how it impacts curriculum design, and thoughts on the use of the theory in the 21st century school. Selected theories include:
Social Development (L. Vygotsky)

Use at least three references that may include journal articles, trade/text books, and electronic sources. Reference material, if possible, should be no older than five years.

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Lev Vygotsky's theory of social development has provided us with essential information about how children learn self-regulation skills. The early-childhood years are a very important time in the development of children's ability to self-regulate their emotions and behaviors. Self-regulation skills include impulse control, the ability to delay gratification, the ability to self-guide behaviors and the ability to respond to the needs of others. Children who are able to self-regulate can wait for a turn, willingly clean up their toys, resist the impulse to take a toy from another child, maintain attention during teacher-led activities, assist another child who needs help, and control their own emotions. Most children do not fully develop self-regulation skills until after kindergarten, but 3-4 year-old children should be well along the road to acquiring these skills. However, ...

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In this answer, I discus Lev Vygotsky's theory of Social Development, and how it impacts curriculum design in an early childhood classroom. I include information about Vygotsky's belief about the importance of socio-dramatic play in order to help children gain self-regulation skills.

3 references are included and sources are cited.