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    Contrasting classroom discipline and classroom management

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    This is part of an assignment that I have to do. I am not really sure exactly what I need to do so I was hoping that I could get some help on it from you.

    Discipline and Management: Different Yet Related

    1) Compare and contrast both classroom discipline and classroom management, and behavior and misbehavior. First, how would you define each word? How are they similar? How are they different? How are the pairs related to one another? Write a 500-750-word essay addressing these components.

    2) Use APA format, including an introduction, conclusion, and title page. An abstract is not required. Cite in-text and in the references section.

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    Discipline has a more punitive connotation, whereas management implies a system that is prearranged to help guide students toward productive and practical decision making. Examples of discipline might be that a student must adhere to a Discipline Plan. See http://www.education.vermont.gov/new/pdfdoc/pgm_safeschools/pubs/discipline_plan_03.pdf

    Behavior reminds me of what someone said to me recently, "you have an attitude." I replied that she had an attitude, too, whereas whatever one decides to do or how a person opts to act at any given time can be characterized as their behavior and attitude.

    Behavior is a traditional way one would be expected to act. Misbehavior is when a person chooses to do deviant activity such as trip someone intentionally vs. someone that might trip someone by accident. If a teacher has good, fair, and age-appropriate classroom rules, and a student consistently ...

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    Discipline, behavior, charting, rules and misbehavior are discussed.