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Classroom Routines: Examples and How-To

I have to identify routines that I would want students to follow for each of the following seven steps and describe a series of steps taken to accomplish the routine.
Please address the routines below:
-End of the day
-Transition between activities
-Distribution of materials
-Field trip
-Fire Drill

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Situation: End of the day
Routine: Clean up the classroom
1. Students clean up the station or activity they were in last.
2. Students put away supplies on their desk.
3. Homework is put in their backpack.
4. Chairs are stacked on top of desk (so janitors can vacuum.)

Situation: Transition between activities
Routine: Leave things the way you found them
1. Put up original activity the way you found it.
2. Move to the next area or activity.
3. Sit quietly until time to begin.
4. Note the way the activity/area looks so it can be put back the way you found it.

Situation: ...

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