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Classroom Curriculum: Ability and Age Needs

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How does age affect curriculum for students with severe disabilities and/or mental challenges?

What can assist teachers in creating a curriculum that matches both ability and age needs?

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This solution addresses how a student's age impacts their curriculum, especially for those students with mental or physical disabilities, and how teachers can build a curriculum that is appropriate for students' abilities and age.

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1. Age affects how the curriculum is presented and how it looks. Curriculum should be age-appropriate based on ability. Teachers should incorporate life skills and educational goals into lessons. The ability to track sight words and the ability to recognize safety signs can be added to language goals, life skills goals and even embedded into motor skills goals.

It is of utmost importance here is to address language skills with high/low reading. Books that look like teen books but have been written using much simpler language and with clear story lines are preferable. As for math, many computer programs can be self-led, with ...

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