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    Children's Health, Safety, and Nutrition

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    Share a link to and summarize a helpful web resource for children's health, safety, and nutrition.

    Share a recipe for a favorite healthy snack for young children. Any input will be helpful.

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    National Network for Child Care

    This Web site is the child care arm of Cooperative Extension and includes lots of excellent information on child development, nutrition, health, and safety. Furthermore, the site includes preschool nutrition assessment instrument and a catalog. The website promotes healthy snack and exercise suggestions for children. Different health tips and advice are located throughout the website.

    The next significant impact about the website that I enjoyed and respect was the daycare and kid care information on latest trends and developments for children. The website hosts various resources for parents and community leaders and teachers to review and compare.

    Additionally, the website provides information about what to look for in various day care centers and the materials needed for parents ...

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    The expert examines children's health, safety and nutrition. A copy of healthy snack recipes are shared.