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Case Study: Teaching Elementary School

Anthony teaches elementary school math in NY City. Most of his students come from wealthy families who come to class very prepared skill-wise for the teaching that takes place in his classroom. As a final project, he wants each of his students to present one of the concepts from the term to the rest of the students. Within their presentation, he wants each student to define the concept, give an example of it, and present a real world situation where the concept would be useful. He also asks each student to speak for at least two minutes. When he assigns the presentation, he wants to be certain that students understand the requirements of the assignment and how specifically they will be assessed. He also wants parents involved throughout the entire process.

I need help with these questions:
- What are three specific resources that he should give to students in order to ensure they are prepared?
- As they present, how can Anthony be certain he is actually assessing what he claims to be?
- How can he offer students specific feedback on their presentations?

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This is an interesting case study. First, it is important to make mention of the fact that the students in this class appear well prepared, but it is always important to make sure that the class understands the expectations of the teacher before they give a presentation. If the guidelines are not clearly stated, students can become disillusioned or even upset with the comments given by the instructor if they feel it done so unjustly. With that in mind, here are some notes I can give you about the three questions presented in the scenario:

1) Three resources you can give students to make sure they are prepared:
a. The first tool you can give them is a checklist that clearly states all ...

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