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Community within a classroom

Can someone please help me to create an outline on a description of community-(use your own setting but pretend you have too many kids in the classes). You can use actual sources for numbers etc. if for part of this like median income etc. Also I need help including in the outline the description of the work setting if there are too many kids in a classroom.

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Community within a classroom: harms of over-crowded classrooms vs. better educational delivery as a function of benefits of healthy student-teacher ratio

Average elementary, middle or high school and college/ graduate university class size ranges differ based on schools and their locations.
According to psychological theories of education, a good number considered reasonable for teaching and learning to take place, falls in between the 10 - 15 ratios for students to a teacher or a professor. This is important for individual attention, which most over crowded classroom students miss out on and their teachers become over worked by teaching so many students. The educational ...

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Community within a classroom, healthy student-teacher ratio short essay