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    Analyzing Negative Fourth Grade Behavior: Causes/Effects

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    Imagine one is presenting facts of results on analysis improving negative behavior in fourth grade.
    Imagine outcomes were not met, what may be the causes and implications?

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    I've worked with fourth graders in four different schools and while environment does have an influence, developmental issues are as much a factor, for behavioral issues, I feel. Determining whether a student is intrinctically or extrinctically motivated is important to discover. Figuring out whether choices are coming from inside or outside forces will help in deciding about reactions to the negative behavior.

    If parents are absent, neglectful or abusive a student will bring emotional needs to school. If the student has not learned social skills, problems relating with other students will be present. While students who ...

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    When student negative behavior does not change, The expert analyzes implications provoking fourth graders is necessary. Causes could come from home or the classroom environment are determined in the solution.