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An example of an experimental research study

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I need an experimental research study example/script that includes the following steps:

1. Problem Statement
2. Identifies and defines important theoretical constructs
3. Identifies and operationally defines independent and dependent variables
4. Formulates research hypothesis
5. Identifies a population
6. Deals with all ethical considerations
7. Selects and assigns participants to conditions
8. Specifies the details of observational procedures
9. Anticipates threats to validity
10. Selects appropriate controls, and
11. Specifies the procedures for data analysis

All of this planning is carried out before the researcher observes a single participant.

The example or script must make the steps above obvious for me to identify. Use whatever example you desire, but related to education.

I have read the theory over and over, but can't seem to grasp the concept until I see an example.

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Dear student:
Here's an example of an experimental research study taken from an article: Brown, Steven M., & Walberg, Herbert J. (1993). Motivational effects on test scores of elementary students. The Journal of Educational Research, 86, 133-136.

1. Problem for the study:
What is the effect of motivation on the test scores of elementary students?
2. Procedures:
The researcher selected pairs of classes from grades 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8 in three schools. One classroom of each pair was randomly chosen to be in the experimental group while the other classroom ...

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Ideas and a pdf file are listed to serve as an example of an experimental research study script.

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