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    What are some strengths and opportunities for growth whith someone who is moderatly a reflective and verbal learner, also with a strong sensing learner style and a moderate sequential learning ability?

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    Reflective learners prefer to think about new information first before acting on it. They often prefer to think through problems first on their own rather than discussing it in groups. Sitting through lectures can be difficult for reflective learners who often like to have some time out to think through new information.
    Verbal learners acquire information through words, using their ears to listen, their eyes to read, or their brains to "think through" what they are learning. In your classes, these learners will want verbal explanations and descriptions of what you are doing in order to understand the movements. They will respond better than other students to your verbally "talking them through" the exercises and to the theoretical material you present.
    Sensing learners would best be taught with a webpage. This would help because they understand information best if they can see how it connects to the world. In the classroom, a good website to try would be Time or National ...