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Learning Style Preferences

If you could attend a training program designed around one of the learning style preferences in the Felder-Silverman model, which learning style preference would you choose? Explain you answer.

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Felder-Silverman Model

The Felder-Silverman teaching model consists of four learning styles. The four styles are Sensing/Intuitive, Visual/Verbal, Active/Reflective, and Sequential/Global. Visit the website, (, for a full in-depth definition of these four learning dimensions of the Felder-Silverman model.

Preferred Learning Style

The preferred learning style in a training program is the sequential/global method of the Felder-Silverman model. Since training is an environment of learning, the step-by-step methodology is an effective way of processing new information. The step-by-step learning approach provides an avenue for extreme sequential learners to interpret new material in linear, orderly, ...

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This solution is a brief description of my preferred learning style in the Felder-Silverman model.