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    School Wide Learning Standards

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    I am looking for help in rewriting language for a few learning objectives to be used school-wide across all subject matters. I would like the language to be in the simplest terms for students to be able to understand and know immediately what is expected of them. This is for a continuation school with at-risk students, many of which have an IEP, and of the ages of 15-19, with lower academic skills. I also want all teachers and staff to be able to understand the language of the learning standard. I would also like to ensure that the learning standards are reasonable and realistic.

    Please see attachment for current standards that I am looking to simplify.

    Thank you!

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    Step 1
    The ability to write and speak for learning and work:
    Students must be able to write strongly. They must write with a goal, provide examples, must explain and use correct language.
    Learning Targets:
    The students must write clearly about the goal. They must concentrate on the objective of writing keeping in mind the people to whom they are writing.
    They must be able to connect together different ideas, and must write clearly. Students must write good introductions and conclusions.
    Students must logically arrange their ideas in their writing. Their writing must be a connected whole.
    The writing must be supported with correct references.
    Students must be able to elaborate on different subjects.
    The choice of words must be right.
    They must use an appropriate style.
    The student must be able to write using correct grammar, usage, and idiom. The student must write correct spellings.
    Verbal: Students must be able to talk well and present ...

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