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    Testing in Education Debate

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    In your opinion, does high-stakes testing have a place in the field of education? Explain.

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    With regards to tests and education, there are two perspectives. At this writing, there is a top athlete on the TV in the background, who is very driven. She talks about the discipline necessary to be a professional performer. It does NOT matter what the sport or discipline is one who wants to achieve must be intricately motivated. The artist and the top musician starts with a skill but has that inner drive to reach beyond the average. Unfortunately, this sentiment for learning has all but vanished in most schools now.

    The day when gum-chewing and shirts not tucked in, were the leading problems, are far gone, replaced by parents that are unsearchable, lack operating phones, or have drug or other serious problems are real. On the other hand, 'helicopter parents' that put too much pressure on new teachers, with unrealistic expectations in public school ...

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