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CCSS and Technology Discussion

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Discuss how the flipped classroom idea can be used in conjunction with CCSS (Math or English Language Arts)

Ways you could incorporate technology used in the flipped classroom idea to support the Framework for 21st century learning in the classroom as it relates to decision making based on student assessments.

Discuss if a school or teacher should use a multimedia resource that is absolutely amazing in delivering both content and assessment, but is not accessible.

Evaluate whether the resource must be excluded from a course if there are no reasonably equivalent accessible alternatives.

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Common Core State Standards lends themselves to the flipped classroom idea. The premise of CCSS is for students to delve into concepts and engage within their intellectual construct in a meaningful manner. Technology can help in this process through a couple of ways. In the flipped classroom, students are able to delve into the content with the teacher as more of a facilitator. For example, in ELA, the flipped classroom can be evident in an online discussion about plot development in a particular novel. Students can use a platform like Edmodo to stage an online discussion about critical elements of plot, or ...

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The role of technology is a vital one in the Common Core Setting.

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