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360 degree performance appraisals: pros and cons

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1) What are the pros ("for") of 360 degree performance appraisals and feedback?

2) What are the cons ("against") of 360 degree performance appraisals and feedback?

3) Do you think you would like your performance to be appraised in this manner? Why or Why not? (I am looking for opinion here for variation).

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1. As you examine the pros, I feel like it does encourage more employee participation in assessments and offers a more employee-center method to evaluate. By giving data about strengths and weaknesses, I feel that it embodies great potential to foster employees' growth. I ...

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300 words of personal notes are integrated to brainstorm the pros and cons briefly of the 360 degree performance appraisals and feedback system.

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360-degree feedback has become an important part of many performance management systems. It provides employees with performance feedback from supervisors, co-workers, peers, and customers, and for managers, their direct reports. The performance feedback is usually a part of a developmental plan and is often a part of the organization's performance appraisal process, as well. However, 360-degree feedback has come under criticism in many organizations. In this DQ, explore the benefits and criticism that this widely-used technique has encountered.
What are the pros and cons (at least three each) of the method as well as the organizational requirements for success?

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