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    Phonemes, Phonemic and Phonic Teaching Techniques

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    I need to develop an phonic awareness activity lesson that can be used for home-schooled learners, babysitters, or a daycare center to help students develop in the area of phonics with the use of technology such as an IPAD or Kindle; include a method to assess understanding.

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    A fundamental phonemic awareness for early childhood learning skill is the ability to blend separate phonemes to create a word. As an example, take the phoneme b/r/a/n/ch/. When blended, these phonemes create the word "branch". There are many ways to teach students to do this. One way is through oral communication. Sound out each phoneme separately and have the student attempt to say the word it creates.

    Another way is to use concrete cues. For example, you could write each of the phonemes on a separate card. One card would have "b" written on it, another would have "r" etc... Have the child/children place one card on the table at a time and pronounce the phoneme as ...

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    Here you will discover awesome techniques to enhance literacy skills for early childhood, ESLL, or Special Education students as it pertains to the Department of Education Standards of Learning. The idea of integrating the latest technology, games and songs, will coincide with the learning ability of the student. Developing literacy skills frequently use solution-focused techniques that are relatively easy to use and flexible enough for various age groups. The solution is a step-by-step description of these processes; along with games, activities, interactive technology ideas and sources used.