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IDEA and individual family service plan

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You have just taken a position as a teacher in an Early Head Start program. A 6-month-old child has been referred to a doctor for strabismus. In the toddler room, the director and head teacher are talking to a parent about their observations of a 2-year-old, who does not attend or make eye contact when his name is called, and is cognitively and socially assessed at the 12-month-old level. This is a 12-month delay for a 24-month-old child. You have heard them talking about early intervention and a possible individual family service plan (IFSP). Since these terms are new to you, find out what these are and find out how children in your community would be able to access early intervention services. In your discussion post, discuss five to six services all children can receive from early intervention and how an IFSP works in your community. What are the ages that children can receive services in your community and then who might provide those services? You can access this information via the web by looking up early intervention in your state or community or by talking to a local provider in your area.

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In America, Early Intervention (EI) services vary from state to state and region to region. Nevertheless, the gist of these services should be predicated upon certain core tenets including addressing the child's unique needs and these services shouldn't be limited to what is currently available in the region of the country where the child is located. The child will be given services that are based upon an Individual Family Service Program, which is a comprehensive evaluation of the child's individual needs. The document will describe the child's current levels of functioning and the anticipated goals associated with the (IFSP). The specific services that the child may need assistance with should be listed with the primary services provided including but not limited to speech and language instruction, occupational therapy, physical therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis, and psychological evaluation. Training is also available for parents that may need help reinforcing the affected child's new skills as well as counseling services that will assist the family in adapting to ...

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IDEA and individual family service plan