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    Only A Mother's Love

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    I am interested in this book (Only a Mother Could Love Him: My Life with and Triumph Over ADD by Benjamin Polis) but this book is not organized and it is hard for me to understand as ELL, so I need someone to help me by reading it and summarize it in a simple, easy way to read I need at least 1000 words.

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    While some parents pray that their unborn child is born with a certain color hair, freckles, and eye color, you have other parents that are praying for a healthy baby that is born with 10 fingers and 10 toes. It isn't until the child begins to grow and act out that you find something is wrong with your child. It has to be heartbreaking! Schools are filled with bullies, teachers are over worked and under paid without patience, and then you have to put a label on your child because he has special needs. In Only a Mother Could Love Him: My Life with and Triumph Over ADD, a story is being told about how a 19 year old looks back over his life and discusses how he handled growing up with ADD. He tells about how his parents felt isolated, frustrated, and guilty about the condition of their son. As a parent, you want the best for your child and it is difficult to understand when things don't go as planned. Benjamin mentions the fact that his parents never went anywhere because of his behavior. They ended up losing friends because they felt he was out of control and needed a good belt lashing. Everyone had advice and suggestions, but nobody really understood what his parents were actually dealing with.
    Benjamin was born in Australia, and at the time of his birth, he showed no signs of any physical or mental problems. His parents were excited and it wasn't until years later that his handicap was revealed. His parents shared with him memories about when they started noticing that he was "different". His mother told him she wasn't able to nurse him in the room with others because the smallest distraction would get Ben's attention. He feels now that was the first sign of him exhibiting a very ...

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    Ben gives an account about his life and dealing with ADD/ADHD