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    My Papa's Waltz

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    1) Which poetic devices has Roethke used in his poem?

    2) How has Roethke's use of these devices affected the meaning or feeling of the poem?

    3) How does Roethke's use of these devices contribute to the understanding of the poem?

    4) How important is rhythm in the poem to convey meaning or feeling?

    5) How important is his use of diction, imagery, or line breaks, if he used any, to convey meaning or feeling?

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    1. Rhyme scheme is one poetic device which adds to the overall rhythm of the piece if you notice end rhyme with "breath" and "death."The poet also uses "But I hung on like death" as a hyperbole as well as simile.
    "My mother's countenance could not unfrown itself" also seems to typify personification as well as some alliteration with "At every step you missed... My right ear scraped a buckle."

    2. Rhyme scheme affects meaning because it creates the rhythm of the piece, making it like a dance or waltz to suggest the ...

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