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    Education: Licensing, accreditation, centers, purpose of boards

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    A. Understand the differance between licensing and accreditation

    D. Describe ways in which centers can be organized.

    E. Explain the function and purpose of school boards

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    Hi there -
    Question A: Accreditation is an evaluation process that determines the quality of an institution or program using predetermined standards. Accreditation is normally carried out by competent, nongovernmental agencies. These agencies prepare standards for education institutions and apply these standards to see if the individual institutions qualify for accreditation.
    Licensing is the process by which an agency grants a license - or permission - to an individual who has met certain requirements, such as basic education or passage of a criminal background check. These requirements are usually minimal. Their purpose is to assure the public that the licensed individual will do no harm. In the case of licensing teachers, the intent is to prevent individuals from doing harm in the ...