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American Airlines: Issues & Opportunities

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Issues and any opportunities American Airlines/or industry faces.

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//Before writing the various issues and opportunities, we have to understand that in which environment the business is operating. We should know the nature of the business is. Firstly we will write about the business and its operations. //

American Airlines is the largest airline in the world in terms of the total passengers ¡Vmiles transported and the passenger fleet size. It is based in the United States with its headquarters in Fort Warth, Texas. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the AMR Corporation and operates throughout the United States and also in Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Western Europe, Japan, China & India. AA is led by Gerard Arpey, as its chairman, president and CEO.

//Moving to the further part of the assignment, we will talk about the various issues that are faced by the company. The explanation given by me is well enough to identify the various issues in this concern. //

Issues before the American Airlines: ...

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