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Strategy Management at American Airlines

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Need help describing and evaluating American Airlines innovation strategy, using publicly available information, including Securities and Exchanges Commission filings and introducing new products or services.

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The expert describes and evaluates the American Airlines innovation strategies using publicly available information.

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American Airlines (AA) is a leading U.S. airline, which is owned by AMR Corporation. American Airlines operate with a wide-spread global and domestic network, and with schedules flights all through the North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia/Pacific. The company serves approx 250 cities in more than 40 countries with more than 3,400 flights every day. At the route from Europe to the US, American Airlines offers more than 37 daily nonstop departures. The integrated network fleet number of the company is around 90 aircraft. The company success relies upon the breadth of its network and frequency of flights (A Global Airline, 2013). With its effective strategies in different business fields, the company has become quite innovative. Here, in this guideline company's innovation strategy is discussed and evaluated.
American Airlines Innovation Strategy
For the second consecutive year, American Airlines was ranked as the one of the most innovative companies in the U.S. by InformationWeek. The company stands at the position of 11 in 2011 InformationWeek 500 ranking. For the last 23 years, the InformationWeek 500 has registered and privileged the companies using business technology innovatively. Nowadays or in the present age, being innovation is not enough, as companies and their IT organizations really need to innovate faster than ever before to keep ahead of their customers, associates and competitors (American Airlines Ranks No. 11 on 2011 InformationWeek 500, 2013). American Airlines is among the top companies renowned for technology innovation. The company innovation strategy is "to make use of an aggressive approach to serve customers and employees with more and more ...

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