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Article analysis

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Locate a article or current event article that relates to government regulations or antitrust activities. Also analyze the economic and ethical implications of the event. Points to consider should be market outcome, political impact on economics behavior, social diversity, technological innovations and market structure. Please apply economic theory to the analysis.

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// Today Government Regulation plays a vital role in curbing the frauds that are occurring in the market place. To develop greater clarity on Government Regulations and Antitrust Activities I am providing analysis of an article, where ethical, economic and political implications of the Government set of laws are explored under the heading article analysis.//

Article analysis


I have referred to an article on the Internet, which talks about government regulations in real estate investing. In the following analysis, I have provided the ethical, economic and political implications of the government regulations.

Article analysis

There is an increase in the number of frauds in the market because the real estate investments are continuing to dominate the financial market. Along with this, the number of agencies is also growing; thus, there is a need for enforcement of laws in order to regulate the transactions. Laws for licensing and regulating have been enforced by all the states and the District of Columbia. Real Estate licensing law had strongly been supported by the industry.

The law mainly aimed at ...

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