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Obamacare impact on Doctors and Hospitals

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A 2-3 pages essay, double spaced, 3-5 references (current) written in colloquial, United States English addressing the effects Obamacare will have on the doctors and hospitals in the US from a financial standpoint.

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From the financial standpoint, Obamacare will have a strong impact on hospitals. The focus of Obamacare is that hospitals should provide quality health care. For example, if a Medicare patient is discharged and the patient returns within 30 days the hospital will be penalized. The hospitals will be rewarded for keeping the patient's cost of treatment below a certain level. Obamacare published price lists of hospital costs. This has placed financial pressure on hospitals because several hospitals may be forced to reduce prices. Hospitals are being forced to measure costs(b). They are compelled to record how much each type of treatment costs in terms of doctors and nurses time, and materials consumed. If a patient returns within 30 days for some ailments such as heart attack or pneumonia, the federal government can withhold Medicare payments. Further federal reimbursement rates will be reduced by 1 percent to hospitals that have the highest rates of infection acquired in the hospital. The implementation of policies because of Obamacare means that employees have to be provided with new training (d). The cost of training imposes more financial burden on hospitals. ...

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This solution explains the financial impact of new health care regulation on doctors and hospitals. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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