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    Cost of Living Comparison

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    A student worked her way through school by clerking in a clothing store in the local mall. She worked herself up from part-time clerk to full-time responsibility for ordering and managing the inventory. She had saved $3,000 even after paying her school and living expenses by the time she graduated. Upon graduation, she was offered the position of store manager in her small town mall store at $25,000. She also received an offer as a buyer for the chain at $40,000 but this would necessitate moving to San Francisco where the central office was located. Attracted by the big salary, she used her nest egg to move and took the buyer position. Within six months she found herself gradually sinking into debt even though she had not chosen a fancy apartment or changed her style of living at all. If anything, she lived a more Spartan life than at school. How could this happen?

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    The student had lived in her small town. The cost of living in small towns is relatively low. In majority of cases, the cost of living in small towns is lower than the American Average. In the small town the position of store manager at the salary of $25,000 would have ...

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    This posting compares the cost of living in a small town to a large city using one source for reference.