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    Information Systems at the National Level

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    Go to the American Federation of Teachers website and search for the most recent data on "teacher salaries". Find Virginia. Compare the teacher salaries in Virginia to teacher salaries in 3 other states and to teacher salaries in the United States in general. In 2 to 3 pages, discuss these comparisons.

    Be sure to analyze multiple variables. For example, one important variable to consider is cost of living in different locations. For information on this, check out the Salary Comparison Calculator. Please locate 1 or 2 additional websites, as well, for this information.

    Possible references:

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    Teacher salaries vary by state, but Virginia has one of the most consistent salaries for teachers wherein new teachers begin their employment with a salary of $37,848 a year with an average salary representing $48,670 a year. In comparison, salaries in the state of California begin at $41,259 and on average are at least $69,324 a year. In the state of New York, the average teacher salary is $75,279 while teachers who are new teachers begin teaching on a salary that is $43,839. The ...

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    The solution analyzes information systems at the national level. The expert compares teacher salaries in Virgina to teacher salaries in three other states and to teach salaries in the United States in general.