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Comparison of demographic factors in two countries

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Population distribution, population density, physiologic density, rate of natural population increase, and doubling times are all-important geographic concepts. However, they all require a little work to understand.

Compare two very different states in South Asia and East Asia's regions based on population statistics for those states and discuss some of the following questions:

Why do these two states differ in population stats?

How is life different for people living in these two states due to the difference in population statistics?

What are the outlooks for these two populations based on the numbers we see for each?

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This solution discusses how life is different in two different countries due to the sizes of their populations.

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The population of Cambodia was 14 million in 2010. while in Burma (Myanmar) it was about 60 million. The reasons for this lie partly in past political turmoil. With the rise of the Khmer Rouge in 1975, many people were assassinated in Cambodia. The birth rate also plummeted. This resulted in a decline in population, while that of Burma continued to grow. Today, Cambodia has a higher growth rate than does Burma. Burma's is the lowest in the region, at only 2.2. Cambodia's is 3.0. Cambodia's population will therefore rise in the coming years, while ...

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