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    Pollution Remediation Scenario

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    Given the following site conditions, identify the technology or technologies which should be considered for eliminating or significantly reducing the contamination problems. Explain the reason for your choice(s). What problems might be encountered in applying your choices? Is there additional information that would be helpful? If so, what kind?

    The site is an abandoned printing plant located in Northern Virgina.
    Both soil and groundwater are contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons and semi-VOC's that have a small Henry's constant.
    The sediments are a heterogeneous mixture of various size sands with thin (2--4 inch) clay layers.
    The water table is approximately 15 feet below the ground surface.

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    All methods of biological treatment can be used for petroleum wastes as the aliphatic carbon chains make good substrates for various organisms. However, depending on exact types of compounds and aromaticity, remediation residues could leave some really recalcitrant matter, or even partly degraded nasties as bad or worse as original waste (albeit in limited quantity.) Certainly the sandy ...

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    Solution looks at the potential clean-up technologies for a organic pollution site scenario. Includes links to a Federal page that discussions treatment technologies in depth.