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    Discussion of historical events linked to soil and water depletion

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    Identify four historical events influenced by the depletion of natural resources.

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    Unsustainable farming is a common theme when civilizations emerge. It took humanity many generations to figure out how to keep soil fertile. The most prominent examples of soil depletion are the Dust Bowl and the fall of the Mayans.

    The Dust Bowl was the result of massive soil erosion in the American Plains in the 1930s. While the catastrophe came about because of a drought, human activity set it up to occur. Farming practices at the time left large stretches of land barren. Normally, plant roots hold the soil in place; even if the plants die from lack of water, their roots persist in the ground for long enough to hold the soil through most such events. But because there were no roots to hold the soil in place, the wind was able to lift the soil and carry it off in large dust storms. This left no top soil, and farmers were unable to grow ...

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