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    SETI Program Goals and Methods

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    Describe the primary goals of the SETI program and the tools used to conduct this research. Explain how SETI researchers use the Drake Equation to quantify the odds of alien life. Note: Please feel free to include your personal opinions on the work conducted at SETI

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    SETI, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, began in 1950 when Dr. Frank Drake conceived of using radio astronomy to detect signs of extraterrestrial civilization. A frequency of 1420 Hz, he believed, might be used as a beacon as it represents the the frequency emitted by hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe. The ultimate goal of SETI is to determine whether we are alone as intelligent life in the universe. This is done through active broadcast of radio waves that will alert other civilizations to our presence (active SETI) and by listening for signals that could indicate intelligent life ...

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    This solution explores the SETI program and looks at the tools it uses and the goals of the program. It describes the Drake equation, the variables it contains and also personal opinions on the whole program. References are included.