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    Energy Use at Home

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    The solution deals with following points:

    1. Steps to reduce energy at home with two examples.

    2. Explanation about how I learned about these.

    3. How I could implement them either now or in the future.

    4. Challenging in the implementation process

    5. How do changes made by individuals protect the environment?

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    There are some basic ways to save energy at home. They are to save water and electricity.
    In every home, leaky pipes, closets, toilet tanks etc. can cause serious water loss. In such situations, it is advisable to fix those problems at the earliest.

    Another way to reduce the energy loss is minimizing the door opening of refrigerator and freezer. Whenever we open the door of the refrigerators, the compressor has to work hard to correct temperature level. Saving ...

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    This solution gives a detailed picture of steps to decrease energy use at home and the challenges during the process.