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    Beauty and the Beast (1991) ---- Animation Film

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    Please give your ideas for a film analysis on the animation film Beauty and the Beast (1991) directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise . Please include plot and character analysis as well as tone, music and sound, and other cinematic features.

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    In general, the film brilliantly transports viewers to a new world through the sweet and alluring characters. Most notably, Belle, the film's protagonist, exemplifies a young girl with dreams and free will, as expedited through the plot development. She is shown not only as an avid bookworm but also a compassionate nurturer to her father as well as to the Beast, as in healing his wounds and helping him to change morally. Books give her a creative outlet for her adventurous nature as she yearns to see the world. Yet she is deemed as an outcast initially for her reading and independence among the villagers but she retains a can-do attitude and perseverance. She is consistently shown as selfless, especially after saving her father's life by volunteering to stay with the Beast.

    Accordingly, the prevalent themes of redemption, resilience, and the transformative power of love also permeate this classic piece as a result of the characters' fortitudes.

    Beast, on the other hand, has an initially stubborn, gruff, and highly ...

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