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    Nanook of the North: Film Notes

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    Using the film "Nanook of the North" please assist with the following:

    1. Narrative Structure
    How is the story told through the use of cinematography, scene set up, and editing?

    2. Social and Cultural Implications
    What do you perceive the filmmakers vision and the intent was in making this film? In addition what ways do you believe the film and it's content impact the larger culture?

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    1. Narrative Structure

    I believe that the story expedites clearly and cleverly through the use of cinematography, scene set up, and editing, as it gains power from the images of the land and the natives' ways of life that contrast with the viewers' experiences of 1920s life. Imagery helps to advance the film as the scenes really upon visuals, not plot or narratives. The sheer, raw footage gives it a "man versus nature" impact and makes Nanook and his family ...

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