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    SDLC explained by You tube cartoon.

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    How would you describe the elements of a business case for a new information systems project under the SDLC methodology? Post your thoughts on the SDLC video (link is under reading assignments). It can also be found here: Watch this humorous video on the SDLC.



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    Obviously, there is a lot of miscommunication between parties. The SDLC is evaluation, requirement analysis, design, implementation, testing. That is a general perspective, there are tons of details to be found in each with specific methodologies to choose from (Waterfall, PAL sessions, Agile or Rapid programming, etc). It is strongly encouraged to document all changes, suggestions, or anything that is related to the project.

    These cartoons have been passed along for years now, but this is the best analysis I have seen thus far. Users are not privy the all the advances in programming. Likewise, programmer does not fully understand what the users do. Users are quite happy utilizing a work around ...

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    Human behavior is volatile at best, especially when working in groups under a software project. During the system life cycle many different things can go wrong and different responsibilities and jobs make the situation even more confusing. This reading explores the different aspect of system failure and stresses how important the need is for experienced developers but more importantly for trained project managers.