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    Below is the requirements for this program. I have already created teh form design in VB.net 2003. but am burning lots of grey matter over where to even start on this project. Since I am new to programming and still learning, I think its better for me to see what the code looks like and where so i can better understand how to do this in future. I am not sure what the going rate is for this, but started with the basic. Thanks for looking and most of all thanks for your help!

    ? Create a new solution named YourName_Unit01.sln.

    ? Create the control instances on the form as shown in the Figure. Note that the form contains multiple group boxes, DateTime Picker controls, and a NumericUpDown control.

    The cost of a hotel room is based on the following rules:

    ? The base rate for the room depends on the room type. Standard = 84.50, Deluxe = 104.50, and Suite = 154.50.

    ? If the number of guests is greater than 2, a $10.00 charge is imposed on each additional guest per night.

    ? An additional rollaway bed costs $5.00 per night.

    ? Declare constants as necessary to store the various rates.

    ? Using the rules described in the previous list, write the code to calculate the cost of the hotel room and display the output. Format all of the output. Make the Calculate button the accept button.

    ? The Clear button should clear all of the output values, set the arrival and checkout date to the current date, and set the room type to standard. Remove the check from the Additional Rollaway Bed check box and, finally, set the default number of guests to 2.

    ? Write the code for the Exit button to exit the solution.

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