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Merging Arrays in VB.NET

Merging is the process of combining two sorted lists into a single sorted list. In some cases, one list can be appended to the other, and the new list then can be sorted. Merging using this method, however, is not always the most efficient.

Write a program that merges two arrays, intX and intY, into intZ. Assume that the arrays intX and intY have been presorted and are in ascending sequence. Declare the array intX to have 15 elements, the array intY to have 13 elements, and the array intZ to have 28 elements. Display the contents of the array intZ in a TextBox control that has its MultiLine property set to True. Do not use any array methods in your code. (Hint: Be sure to take into consideration that the two arrays are not the same size. That is, when the shorter of the two arrays has been processed, assign the remaining elements of the longer array to the array intZ). Use the following sample data for the two initial arrays:

Array intX, 15 elements 4,9,12,15,22,33,44,66,72,84,87,92,96,98,99
Array intY, 13 elements 6,8,12,16,24,31,68,71,73,74,81,93,94

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